Treatment methods

The physiotherapy department in AB care is equipped with the last technology to handle physiotherapy needs .we offers a wide range of therapeutic exercise and a multitude of modalities to help patients return to on active life

 Electro –Therapy

ultrasound ,shortwave diathermy ,interferential therapy , Traction ,TENS ,Laser Therapy, Vaccum therapy ,CPM ,Hydro- therapy muscle stimulator ,IRR ,and many more

 Exercise therapy :

multi station gym, static /dynamic cycle, treadmills ,stair case, parallel ban ,PhysioBall weights pulleys ,balance board ,TheraBand putty ,marine’s wheel , and many more….

manual therapy

Myofascial  release trigger point and pressure points release , strain/counter strain (positional release technique ) ,muscle energy technique ,total motion release , the target approach taping and joint mobilization techniques – McKenzie , mulligan , PNF ,CIMT .

This system (physiotherapy) most important and useful in treatment for almost all kinds of variousconditions like

  1. Degenerative Disorders
  2. Soft Tissues injuries
  3. Musculoskeletal Conditions
  4.  Neuromuscular Disorders
  5. Neurological Conditions
  6. Cardio-pulmonary Conditions
  7. Spinal cord Injury
  8. Post Fracture Management
  9. Arthritis Conditions
  10. All kinds of paralysis
  11. Prolapsed  Intervertebral Disc
  12. Sports Injury

M. Post-Operative management

  1. Regional pain Conditions

Neck pain and Arm Pain

  1. Back pain and leg pain
  2. shoulder pain ,Elbow pain ,wrist pain
  3. Knee pain , Ankle pain hip, Heel pain